Thursday, February 01, 2007

The New Faces Of Terror (Save Sean and Pete!)


The war on Terror got a little more retarded yesterday when Boston was held in the grip of the terrorizing Mooninites. In a show of alertness and crack Detective work, the Boston Police Department decided that "Lite Brite" Ads of the famed Aqua Teen Hunger Force villains ready? You sitting down? Bombs. Yes, Bombs. The fact that other , less fucktarded cities didn't seem to think that a cartoon alien giving the middle finger was a reason to shut dwon Bridges, Freeways, and waterways, didn't seem to hamper the city officials when it came time to make Arrests. Yes ARRESTS! Sean and Pete, (Pictured above) have been arrested for a "Hoax". Hmmm. That's going to stick. But my favorite part of the whole thing have been the "Tough on Terror" Responses from the City's Officials. Rather than hide their collective blockheads in shame, they've entertained me for days.

Assistant Attorney General John Grossman called the light boards "bomblike" devices and said that if they had been explosive they could have damaged transportation infrastructure in the city.

Hahaha.. And if a DA dressed in drag and fucked a goat, that would end his career, but that's quite an 'If", isn't it Johnny?

Boston Police Commissioner Edward Davis called the stunt "unconscionable,"

Unconscionable, is arresting two Cartoon -Watching Stoners because your police are so retarded that they can't tell the difference between an ad and a bomb.

Boston Mayor Thomas Menino called it "outrageous" and the product of "corporate greed."

I'm glad Mayor Menino is speaking out against corporate greed, I wonder if his list of donors is less offensive than a mooninite.

Democratic Rep. Ed Markey, a Boston-area congressman, added, "It would be hard to dream up a more appalling publicity stunt."

Ooh! Ooh! I can think of one! Arresting two innocent dudes for putting up ads!

I think The Mooninites said it best....


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Anonymous said...

Pass the word. You can call to see if there's a fund for Sean

Peter Berdovsky Legal Defense Fund
Law Office of Michael L. Rich
74 Newport Street
Arlington MA 02476
Phone: 781-641-3472

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