Tuesday, February 13, 2007

145 Billion can buy a lot of stuff

145 BILLION! BILLION! That's what Bush is asking for the war in Iraq.


Let's see, what ELSE can we possibly do with that amount of money?

1. We could afford free healt insurance for every family in this country - $124 Billion

2. We could have free gas on Mondays wendesdays and Fridays - $116 Billion

3. We could give a free laptop to every student from K-12 - $86 Billion

4. Convert every Registered car in the US to run on Ethanol- $68 Billion

5. We could provide Primary Education to every child on earth- $30 Billion

6. We could provide universal acess to water and sanitation to everyone on earth- $21 Billion

7. We could end Hunger in America.-$7 Billion

Get that? We could end Hunger with 7 Billion dollars. 7 Billion dollars, and hunger..no more. But we can't afford that, can we? Not when there's a war on.

Data: FromDeath and Taxes!.

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