Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Me Like-a Mika

Ok, i know that the average age group of my blog readership is not in their early twenties, except for Ben, and Fran's Boyfriend, and Tab's Boyfriend. But my female friends who try to seem younger by dating children aside, we are, as the poet said "No Chickees of The Springe". So i feel its partially my duty as someone who's fingers are on the proverbial pulse of the proverbial artery, running through the proverbial neck of the actual nation, to educate my less hip friends as to whats what. Behold the Next Hey-Ya. The prancing pixie fellow is Mika, and the song is called GRACE KELLY. As far as I can figure Mika is celebrating the fact that he could either be Grace Kelly or Fred Mercury, and being bestowed with twigs and berries he chose the latter, much to our benefit. Enjoy it. Bounce to it. Create memories to it. I think it may be one of those songs.

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