Thursday, August 31, 2006

Is there a draft in here?

unc football Oh mercy, it's that time of year again. My Denver Broncos accoutrement are neatly pressed and ready for the donning, the air is become crisp, and my birthdate is nigh. So needless to say, I have football on the brain.

This year, the third placed Colorado Gonzo are making a bit of a hobbled comeback. With a fourth round draft pick all eyes are on Tiki Barber and Eli (Yeah, the other Manning.) to pull us through what may be a rough rough season since my unfortunate roster includes a few retirees, a one legged dwarf, a blind hunchback and the Greenbay Defense . But the fun is in the sport and the shit talking. And if my beloved Broncos have taught the world anything, it's not to dismiss Colorado teams.

In honor of the true national pastime I will post my favorite football related commercials on TV.

Go Broncos! Go Bears! Go Gonzo!

* This is Drew Rosenhaus, Terrel Owen's Agent, which makes this even more HI larious

Damn Peyton, and Damn the Colts to a frigid hell, but this spot is pretty damn funny.

Ah Terry.

Go Broncos.

Saturday, August 12, 2006

Somewhere in Pakistan...


storm HOLY CRAP!!

So In my newfound freedom and indulgance of Nerdery, I have come across the three lost clips from the original STAR WARS.
Oh yes, these are legit, and I'm pretty sure they won't last long on YOU TUBE so get them while they're hot.

So bitches, who shot first?

Indiana Tramp and The Temple of Modern Times

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