Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Richard Dawkins is just a big softy.

I found out recently that most Americans would rather vote in a gay president than an atheist president. Considering how popular our friends of the rainbow flag tend to be in areas where the shit is oft kicked, I find this revelation rather shocking. Moreover, I have also found the villification of Dawkins rather suprising. I suppose THE GOD DELUSIONhas much to do with it. His rather harsh dismissal of religion as "The Root of All Evil", ruffled even MY feathers at times and I consider myself a ratther thick-skinned nonbeliever. But to those unfamiliar with the entirety of Dawkin's work, I'd like to intoriduce you to a kinder, gentler version of Dickie Dawk. In these two Documentaries, Dawkins addresses his love of Humanity, and of the natural universe. A love so deep, he hates to see its elegance tarnished by anything as petty as our own prejudices and superstitions.

This 24 miute Documentary discusses how being civil, and decent to one another is an evolutionary trait that favors those who practice it, rather than self-destructive violence. This 24 minute Doc, was made in order to counter critics of his "Selfish Gene" theory who claimed it was Social Darwinism.


This deeply touching documentary has Big Rich explaining how science may actually explain (In a sense) the question that religions have been asking since the dawn of time. Inspirational for anyone who has struggled with the seemingly silly complaxities and pettiness of certain aspects of Religion.

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