Wednesday, March 23, 2005

What Do These People and Things Have In Common?

Jimmy Kimmel and Sarah Silverman

Jimmy and Sarah
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Rodney Bingenheimer

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Billy Zane

Billy Zane
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Within the Last 48 Hours

All these people and things have entered my life.

Just Another fucking day in Hollywood.

Monday, March 21, 2005


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What the hell is this? I mean, what the hell is going on here? For the first time in recent memory,congress and president Bush moved quickly.
I mean midnight meetings, sudden sessions. Is it to save a wrongly accused man from the electric chair? Is it to save a family from poverty because they can't pay medical bills? Wait! Wait! I have it, it's to make SURE that when we attack another country, and kill thousands of its citizens, we know theres a good cause. No? Oil! That's got to be it. Nothing gets the congress and the president moving more quickly than oil (Which will hit 3$ a gallon this summer). No?
You're telling me that with the brutal injustices being carried out in this country, with the immminent demise and pillaging of Social Security, with a health care crisis that promises to endanger the majority of the population, and a terrifying disregard for our enviournment, this government is mobilizing for a vegetable?

The horrible horrible truth behind this disgusting grandstanding, is that hundreds of people are yearly taken off life support for far more dubious reasons than the wish of a dignified passing by a loved one.

But what makes this particular brain -dead person such a cause celebre'?

We all know! We can see it! Where's the outrage? Where's the shame?

This isn't about right to life, or right to die, or about This poor lump of a woman, or her miserable husband.It's about grandstanding for the dentally challenged, toe-headed myopic morons who seem to have the deciding votes in this country.

I promise you, if they suceed in pushing aside the judiciary on this, it's the beggining of the end.

John Kerry said "The high road might be the more difficult road to take, but it is the best one."

That may be true, but what can one do against such recklessness?

They switch the constitution, they rig elections, they toss aside the seperation of powers. With such an obviously complacent congress who will follow the orders of the executive without any question, it's the judiciary that retains the rule of law against these brutalizing apes.
Too late.
The soundbite, the easy amswer and blindness to suffering, have taken place of reason, justice, civility and government.

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