Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Ach Laddie, Thass No a Pipe, but keep Blowin'!

Last Night got me in the mood for some piping. My brother and his girlfriend Sara, paid a visit to my pad and before you knew it, Sara was salivating all over my practice chanter. So I quickly yanked it from her and proceeded to awe my brother with the Theme to the 80's miniseries NORTH AND SOUTH on the pipes. Emboldened by the mediocre pipery, I went on You Tube and Google to catch some highlights of the Edinburgh Military Tattoo.bugs_pipes

Now, for those of you who aren't aware, the "Tattoo" is a ...well, its marching bands and pipe bands all mixed together for a show of sorts. Here, THISis what you're looking for for your answers. However, for those of you who are not in the know, and could give a fiddler's fart about the massed pipes and drums of Scotland, I found two awesome clips from last year's Tattoo.

The swiss are a kooky people. They are all about being neutral, but all their citizenry is armed to the teeth, they protect the Vatican, and they have those dealdy Army knives. So When I heard the name of this band, I half expected to see the Zwingli Academy for Helvetic Youth Marching Band and Flag Corps. Boy was I wrong. What's the secret? These guys hold professions ranging from Pastry Chef to Stock Broker, and their ages range from 17-45. Rock-em Holey Cheese Heads!

Let's face it, if the kiwis were suddenly invaded by a true hostile force, the resistance would be limited to some very angry looking sheep, and a few bloodied Maori. So the New Zealand Army Band reflects the general goofienss of a protective force that needs its allies. Damn clever stuff, as far a military bands go. I'd also like to point out that they do not go for the height requirements most modern military bands insist on clinging to.Note that their River Kwai March is an excellent example of just how good a Marching Band they are, all silly stuff aside.

The Maori Chant is so freakin sweet, and that Drum Major is a Rock Star!

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