Saturday, December 30, 2006

Well, now that you mention it...

Bill O Reily

I'm sure I'm not the only one who found the Irony in this little gem from "Poppa Bear". Considering that the death toll for American troops in Iraq has surpassed the death toll from 9-11. The question is, who is the more evil? The brazen tryants and lunatics who kill our people in the name of their religion, or the one who does it with our "approval"?

1937- 2006 صدام حسين عبد المجيد التكريتي

Why is it that when I choose to cope with the insanity in the world, I turn to silliness for solace?
Let's remember our only fond moments with Saddam.

Monday, December 25, 2006

Sunday, December 24, 2006

Full Length Charlie Brown Christmas

Merry Christmas Everyone, and Happy Hollidays.

Enjoy it while its still up!

Thursday, December 21, 2006

Star Wars, The ORIGINAL Original

Let it Snow...

It would appear that Denver's Mayor is AWESOME.

Hmmm... it looks like the storm that closed down every airport, and the entire government of Colorado isn't THAT bad, or at least it doesn't look that bad.

Monday, December 18, 2006

It was a Yabba Dabba Doo Time..


Joe Barbera of the Anmimation Team Hannah - Barbera , passed away today.


A Google Treasure Trove

I have recently discovered a treasure trove of Documentaries on Google. No, not Documentary clips, but full length quality Docus. If I may bring your attention to two of my absolute favorites.

The first is The Elegant Universe,


A book i loved that makes astonishingly enough, an even better pair of documentaries, narrated by Brian Greene Himself.
Part 1. Einstein's Universe

Part 2. String's The Thing

Now, for the more intense of the two. image.asp

The shocking title does no justice to the incredible arguments that Richard Dawkins makes against religion and its assault on reason and science. Whether or not you agree with the content, this documentary must give you pause. Narrated by Dawkins, who is an incredible thinker and is very passionate about his arguments. The gem of these documentaries is an interview with Ted Haggard, who gets all uppity when he is challenged by Dawkins as someone who is "telling people what to think". Not to be missed.


Part 1. The God Delusion

Part2. The Virus of Faith

Just in Time for the Holidays

As a lad growing up on the foothills of the Rocky Mountains, I never Imagined that my hometown of Colorado Springs would feature so heavily in the worldwide crusade against science, progress, and fact. As I entered High-School, Ted Haggard and the New Life Church were just getting started and Focus on The Family had just begun construction on their complex. By the time I left High School, the grand evangelical Machine was in full swing, and the anti-gay and ultimately unconstitutional Amendment 2, had been passed, and groups like Young Life were infiltrating the schools. I was somewhat blind, really. I noticed more than my peers, and even then I had no idea of the deranged vastness of the Religious blindness that would eventually consume my beautiful town.

The warning signs were all there. The death of Carmine Tagliere at the hands of Vern Smalley should have been a huge warning sign. Carmine was a hotheaded 17 year old, and Vern Smalley was a gun packing retired Colonel - cum Vigilante. So when Carmine and Vern met on the side of the road during a traffic altercation, then Vern happily shot him in the chest. Carmine died, his sister was taken out of my French class in tears, and Vern Smalley was later acquitted by the courts. He later threatened a jogger, and is now making the rounds as a freakish conservative commentator on nearly every Blog that mentions his sorry name. It should come as no surpirse to those of you who have seen the transformation of Colorado Springs, that many elements in the community applauded the court's decision.

After that it was a quiet tumble downhill, and today Colorado Springs is a fortress of right-wing conservative ignorance. So far Right, and so blinded in its righteous rage that even mainstream creepy old Republicans like Joel Hefley are being marginalized and replaced by the "sleazy", far-right, nutjobs that have become all too commonplace in this day and age. If the people of Colorado Springs are too deaf to hear the pleas of their own former representatives, how far will they go?

I'm sure you are cracking a smile, and thinking "He's exaggerating."

I urge you to please take a look at ANY of the hundreds of documentaries that are attempting to expose the harm done by extreme religious groups, where Colorado Springs is featured prominently and constantly.

If you think that this has no effect on the quality of life of Colorado Springs, think again. The intolerance and group righteousness seep into the daily life of people in CS. Its amazing that I fear more for my personal safety in Colorado Springs than in my new home of Los Angeles, but the fact is that the town has become so uniform in its thinking, that the only reaction to progressive thought and individuals is reactionary. I leave you with an anecdote from my father, who was approached about a $2 rate hike by an angry man. My father responded, "I'm sorry but this place is still less expensive than most", the man frazzled, blurted out "But I'm a Republican!".

Funny, yes. My question is, why was the man bringing this to light? Does he have my dad pinned as a rate hiking liberal? Is my dad obviously dark skinned and therefore obviously not one of them? Creepy.

My next post will be a pair of Science documentaries that would make your average Springs resident Pass out. In one, by Richard Dawkins, Ted Haggard and Colorados Springs are featured prominently.

Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Horny Manatee (NSFW)

First, there was Panda Porn. Now, in conjunction with my previous Manatee Post, the people at Conan O Brien bring you the next awful step in Animal fetishism. I give you-

HORNY MANATEE .COM! Click on the image below for some hot Man on Manatee Action!

brandon g

Tuesday, December 12, 2006

My Brother Loses it over Apocalypto

My brother is so indignant right now, that he might as well have been wearing a Victorian Dress and fanning himself as he was IM ing me. Check it out.
Picture 1Picture 2

He totally misses my Schwartzie joke, but it got ugly when I called someone a halfbreed. Oh, the humorless PC world my brother now inhabits.

In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night

mart1 1915-2006

The Halls of the planet OA were silenced today, as news reached across the multiverse of Martin Nodell's merging with the infinite. At the ripe old age of 91 the creator of Green Lantern has gone to meet the Guardians. The story is somewhat dated. Alan Scott is a train operator who is involved in a horrible trainwreck, and then finds a magical lantern made from a meteorite. Just for the record, Alan Scott is pretty lame. I mean let's face it, the man has the skills of a choo choo Engineer, which in those days was pulling a black lever, or a red lever, and looking at your pocketwatch. This Alan Scott fellow is not why I wear the T-shirts, and buy the books.
However, we must admit that Alan Scott was a far better GL than Gnort
Yes, that is a DOG-MAN.

Though Martin Nodell had little to do with the future incarnations of The Green Lantern, including Hal Jordan who is THE Green Lantern, the basic motifs of a supernatural weapon in the hands of a man will forever be the driving force of the Green Lantern books. And for all the fancy smanshyness of the green lanterns, the greatest thing they all have going for them is their inherent decency. Superman is an Alien, Batman is Screwed Up and angry, Wonder Woman is a goddess, but Green Lantern has always been Just a guy. The innate ability in all of us to be Heroes. That's why I dig the GL. That's why its Sad that Martin Nodell went the way of coast city today.


Monday, December 11, 2006


To begin with, let me give you my review of Apocalypto. Yes, I saw it this weekend, and I thought it was a fine strong film. It reminded me of King Kong. Solid, fun, not deep or Academy Award worthy, but an excellent Sunday afternoon moviegoing experience. So what is up everyone's bum about going to see it? My brother, and some of my friends were all huffy and lame about seeing it. They cited Mel's recent fracas in Malibu, as being their reason and they took a very high moral stand in admonishing me for going at all.

"You couldn't pay me to go", said my morally concrete and absolutist brother. Interesting. When he called afterwads to ask how it was, I asked him if he had seen THE NINTH GATE, or maybe THE PIANIST. He replied "Oh, it's like THAT? Sort of Euro-trashy."

Bam! I slammed him or supporting Paedophiles. How dare he? Disgusting, appaling! How dare he give money directly to someone who would do things to CHILDREN! likewise, I admonished him for seeing DIE ANOTHER DAY, AND THE EDGE. How dare he support Transvestite Hookers?! He might as well, be a John! Appaling! His pathetic reply "If it didn't say MEL GIBSON'S on the title." What a crock! What other recognizable name is even remotley attached to this movie? Who in Kansas would say "Oooh! I want to see that new movie with Morris Birdyellowhead!" I can understand ifn you keep such a high moral code, that you won't bide certain performers because of their behavior (I avoid everything that has the Stank of Paris Hilton), but you can't pick and choose. Paris Hilton is a Unique sort of ho, with no talent or worth. Are you really going to stop watching Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm? Are you so blinded by your zealotry that you can't see the worth of an artistic attempt? Give me a break.

If you condemn one of Hollywood's eccentrics, then you have to condemn them all equally, you can't go around picking and choosing the incidents that appal you and offend your sense of decency. Consider Britney's "Candid Shots". This is a mother of 2 hanging out with known drug-users, and flashing THE WORLD. Where's the backlash? Where are the outraged talking heads? I am reminded of my father's PETA fueled rant against Sigfried and Roy for keeping tigers. He delivered a weepy soliloquy in his Leather interior Lexus, on our way to a steakhouse, while my mom wore an endagered species coat.

And in case, people think I let things slide.

Holiday Crafts

The house Ethics Committee has released all of the naughty IM sessions between Mark Foley and the young, impressionable Pages. My advice is to take a bookbinding class, and give all 140 pages to someone you love. Pages of PAPER! PAPER! IN THE REPORT, YOU PERVERT!


Check out the naughtyness, HERE

Saturday, December 09, 2006

Why we are losing in Iraq

Kindly Click HERE.
The horror, the shame. (Be sure to watch the video on the sidebar)

Now watch it on YouTube (Its still more shocking to watch on the Whitehouse site)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Maybe the Broncos can win SOMETHING

Campbells is having a "clicking contest". It will donate the team's total weight in canned food to the soup kitchen of the winning team's city. So go HERE, and help out the Denver Soup Kitchen in the name of the Broncos.

Go Broncos!

The least popular Christmas toy

I heard that approval for the president was at 32% . I find it shocking that 32% of Americans still approve of Dubya , but with 10% of those being "unsure" my guess is that the 22% left is the population of Colorado Springs. My home town. A town so conservative, all the chickens have two left wings. Kids goose-step to school. However, I think I may have found something more unpopular than the President.

You can buy me one for Christmas
  • HERE!
  • Wednesday, December 06, 2006

    Godzilla Building

    Ironic Sans Offers us a new vision for a new Tokyo.
    The Godzilla Building.

    See more pictures of the building with some musings as to the usage of the space
  • HERE!
  • Let's mix it up a bit, shall we?

    There are times when testosterone rules. When Horsepower, musk, leather, and flannell all combine and scratch at the depths of your soul. No, I'm not talking about a night at the Blue Oyster Bar boyster3. I'm talking blender. I'm talking 3 Horses worth of blending destruction. THE BLENDTEC TOTAL BLENDER!! TOTAL. BLENDER. TOTAL. I'm talking the smoothies from hell. Margaritas so smooth you'd think you were drinking an Icee. A Milkshake so smooth, i'd have to say it was better than yours, damn right its better than yours, I can teach you, but I have to charge. As if this beauty can't sell itself on its own, please indulge yourselves with the accompanying website. It blends cellphones to a fine dust. Makes smoothies out of Coke cans.. sweet Jesus. Just watch.

  • Will It Blend?

  • To purchase one, you can go directly to the Blendtec site by clicking
  • HERE!
  • Tuesday, December 05, 2006

    Advent Calendar

    The folks at Thunderchunky are presenting a Kickass online advent Calendar.

    They describe the project thusly:
    "You know all those naff advent calendars you get, where it’s always the same run-of-the-mill images… robins, candles, stars? Not particularly inspiring! Well Thunder Chunky has a remedy for your advent blues. We’ve roped in a selection of the best artists and illustrators around to create some xmas messages, especially for you!

    We’ll reveal a new piece of work every day throughout December, so make sure you check back daily."

    You can check it out
  • HERE!
  • Czech it out out now.


    So, it appears that I am HUGE in the Czech Republic. So Huge in fact, that I have to give some props to my new Prague-Pals.
    HUBERT and KARLA who's blogs "Martinu and Fried Cheese" and "Rabbits, Toyen and So Forth" can be seen posted on my links sidebar. I can oficially say that i have quadrupled my knowledge on the Czech Republic through their blog. Granted, my knowledge was limited. But NOW. Now I am aware of a fantastic Vietnamese market that sells slightnly pornographic beach towels, and terrifying dolls. Furthermore, I've learned some interesting things about "Czech Idol". Apparently it sucks over there too. And I can now look forward to hunting down some Czech Donuts. But what else did i know? What is the Non-Average American's cumulative knowledge of the Czech Republic?

    1. Vaclav Havel

    As a former Theater sort, I always admired the former president of the Republic. He too realized there was no future in trying to become an actor.

    2. BEER!

    There is so much beer and it is so loved, that the Czechs even bathe in it, or at least tourists do. Pilsner Urquell...mmmm.

    3. Sex

    Let's just say I've caught my fair share of porn and stories about the healthy appetite of the Czech Peeps.

    4. Prague
    Everyone tells me its the most beautiful city in Europe.

    5. That creepy church made out of human bones.


    I first saw it when I was a kid on "Ripley's Believe it or not", and its fascinated me since.


    That's it, that's all i know. Or knew. Let the age of cooperation begin! Let our two Countries, The Czech Republic, and Los Angeles, live in cultural harmony. At least on the Blogosphere.

    Ho- Ho- Holy S**t!

    My younger brother always threw a fit when it was time to get our picture with Santa. What is it about Santa that makes him only second to Clowns for the sheer magnitude of Terror produced in children?

    Well, here are more than sixty images of terrified tots on the Jolly old Elf's lap.

    Check it out,
  • HERE!
  • Thursday, November 30, 2006

    Gonzo Photography

    M+B & AMMO books are having a gallery opening TOMORROW with Photographs by the late Dr. Hunter S. Thompson. As fate would have it, I'll also be attending A John Waters Christmas that very night. I am secure in the fact that this will be a MOST surreal evening. Kindly Click on Either of the Images to View the details of the Events. See you at either, or both.



    Wednesday, November 29, 2006

    A very merry DWP Christmas


    Last night, I walked in 48 degree weather (YES! I KNOW! 48 degrees in LA means Death!) through a uniquely Angelino experience. The LA Department of Water and Power Festival of Lights. I must say, it was a damn treat, and made me proud to be an Angelino. Check it out:

    Did You know that? A hunnerd years! In LA years that's like a gazillion years.

    LAX-cellent! Note the plane, it "Moves".

    The Port of Los Angeles, with seawater that glows!

    Griffith Park Observatory, where even Poppa Smurf has to wait in an endless line to see a star.

    Surf's up! This is the bacterial infection and drainage display.

    This is either Muscle Beach in Venice or 24 Hour fitness in West Hollywood, we weren't quite sure.

    Speaking of which, our schlonggy city hall made more schlonggy by my inability to rotate before uploading.

    William Mulholland (Two gazillion LA Years Old), and the LA aqueduct. Yes, that is human waste floating at the top left hand side of the aqueduct.

    The Staples Center, with the Kings. No, there's no room for Kobe this Christmas. Near butt rape disqulaifies you from the display. Sorry.

    And finally a Fuel Cell. With the Words "Fuel Cell" all lit up. Ahaha..ha. herm..hmm. DWP humor.

    You can see all of this Live with music every night untill A non religious date after Christmas, from 4 Pm- to 10 Pm, somewhere by the Zoo. Just look for the annoyed coyotes.

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