Thursday, May 22, 2008

Quis custodiet ipsos custodes?

Who watches the watchmen?

It would seem like the fourth estate has been misbehaving a bit lately. Perhaps its the busy election season that has me more in tune with the news, but i've seen more examples of bad reporting and bad behavior lately than ever before. AAnd I'm not just talking about FOX News.

Yes, we have the pathetic BILL O'Raly, but when the awesomely misbehaved Chris Matthews is calling people out, you KNOW something's afoot. Is it the end of the screaming heads? Did John Stewart signal the death of not only Crossfire, but all hot aired punditry?

God, I hope so.

For your viewing enjoyment the greatest hits from the last two weeks.

Let's start with Bill-O

Ha ha. That Bill O' Reilly is such a sociopath. Let's watch his show EVERY night.

Next comes Tweety, who is the poster boy for "Pundits Behaving Badly" watch how he calls out right-wing nutso Kevin James.

Oh, Tweety. Life with you is such a roller-coaster.

Big Russ, gets in on the fun, when his bowels chime in. (Listen Closely)

Even though Russert’s fart sounds like a special effect , I am assured that this was in no way edited. I'm serious. He ripped one.

Lastly and most laudably, we have the great Sam Donaldson. Who manages to com across as a human despite his Vulcan features. Enjoy the fine cocktail of Sam, on the Rocks, with a hint of flirt.


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