Wednesday, May 07, 2008


I wonder if I'd be any good at math now.
During HS, no amount of prodding and theorizing would get me to give a flying fart about Algebra or any other maths. The more advanced, the more insanely retarded it all felt. Now however, i've made my peace with mathematics and thanks to recent advances in Pharmaceuticals I can sit still long enough to do some basic calculations.

I've been known to do some jokey sort of stuff
Haha! Aren't I a jokey party animal?

Being recently singled and an elderly though immature 31, I found myself thinking what my shelf life was considering that the average age for a first marriage is 26.

With that in mind, and with the general creepiness rule of (Your age /2 + 7= Youngest possible age to date without getting creepy), i came to realize your dating pool actually grows as you get older. Considering that at age 31 you can date 23-46 year olds until you hit middle age of course.

Now you consider this in Los Angeles, where the ratio of unmarried women and men is about even and you add to that the colorful and numerous gays that inhabit our city, with a smaller lesbian population since they evidently prefer to live in Montana or Pasadena, add the fact that I have job in the industry and furniture, and we're looking at some pretty decent numbers.

However, if we add the fact that I have a blog and i tend to crunch statistics on getting laid in the LA basin and the physique of a manatee i must allow for a realistic view that I have a 50% chance of dying a very lonely death.

As I have faced the music and crunched the numbers of potential loneliness on this planet, so too, must certain people who will remain nameless . The worst thing to do, is to simply ignore the numbers.

Just ask my high school GPA.

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