Thursday, May 29, 2008

Music to slit your wrists by

i've decided to start sharing my bizzare musical tastes with you all.

Since I am no longer suffering from depression i thought it would be nice to revisit what i call my "Black Dog Mix".

Winston Churchill, 1874-1965 was Prime Minister of Britain in 1940-45 and 1951-1955.
He referred frequently to his family and friends about his 'Black Dog' which was a euphemism for depression.
He suffered with depression for most of his life and at times struggled to hide the extent of his black moods from his political colleagues. Interestingly he used to lay bricks as a means of distracting himself when depressed and felt that this kept the 'Black Dog' at bay.


Dinah said...

I made one of these too, I call "The Mean Reds."

Dinah said...
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