Monday, June 09, 2008

Monday Politick

Today i'd like to hit up a few of the feminists who are feeling the sting of Hillz's loss to Barry. In particular, I'd like to adress these people:


and these two

Shut your dumb mouth, you silly cow. You'd really vote for McCain? Let's take a look at all the wondrous Pro- Woman funnies that we can attribute to the old man.

No Reproductive Rights

No Equal Pay

Then of course, we could look to his private life for a model of how respectfully he treats women.

"John McCain married a swimsuit model in 1965, adopted her two children, had another child with her, and grew so bored with domestic life that he asked to fight in Vietnam. While in captivity, his wife became mildly crippled in a car accident, leading John McCain to cheat on her repeatedly when he returned, until finally he abandoned her — in a “mid-life crisis” that he had, yes, 28 years ago — for a young, gorgeous beer heiress whose father could make him a Congressman."

You know what? Just read about it HERE

Pissed about Hillary? Vote McCain!


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