Tuesday, December 12, 2006

In Brightest Day, In Darkest Night

mart1 1915-2006

The Halls of the planet OA were silenced today, as news reached across the multiverse of Martin Nodell's merging with the infinite. At the ripe old age of 91 the creator of Green Lantern has gone to meet the Guardians. The story is somewhat dated. Alan Scott is a train operator who is involved in a horrible trainwreck, and then finds a magical lantern made from a meteorite. Just for the record, Alan Scott is pretty lame. I mean let's face it, the man has the skills of a choo choo Engineer, which in those days was pulling a black lever, or a red lever, and looking at your pocketwatch. This Alan Scott fellow is not why I wear the T-shirts, and buy the books.
However, we must admit that Alan Scott was a far better GL than Gnort
Yes, that is a DOG-MAN.

Though Martin Nodell had little to do with the future incarnations of The Green Lantern, including Hal Jordan who is THE Green Lantern, the basic motifs of a supernatural weapon in the hands of a man will forever be the driving force of the Green Lantern books. And for all the fancy smanshyness of the green lanterns, the greatest thing they all have going for them is their inherent decency. Superman is an Alien, Batman is Screwed Up and angry, Wonder Woman is a goddess, but Green Lantern has always been Just a guy. The innate ability in all of us to be Heroes. That's why I dig the GL. That's why its Sad that Martin Nodell went the way of coast city today.


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