Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Czech it out out now.


So, it appears that I am HUGE in the Czech Republic. So Huge in fact, that I have to give some props to my new Prague-Pals.
HUBERT and KARLA who's blogs "Martinu and Fried Cheese" and "Rabbits, Toyen and So Forth" can be seen posted on my links sidebar. I can oficially say that i have quadrupled my knowledge on the Czech Republic through their blog. Granted, my knowledge was limited. But NOW. Now I am aware of a fantastic Vietnamese market that sells slightnly pornographic beach towels, and terrifying dolls. Furthermore, I've learned some interesting things about "Czech Idol". Apparently it sucks over there too. And I can now look forward to hunting down some Czech Donuts. But what else did i know? What is the Non-Average American's cumulative knowledge of the Czech Republic?

1. Vaclav Havel

As a former Theater sort, I always admired the former president of the Republic. He too realized there was no future in trying to become an actor.

2. BEER!

There is so much beer and it is so loved, that the Czechs even bathe in it, or at least tourists do. Pilsner Urquell...mmmm.

3. Sex

Let's just say I've caught my fair share of porn and stories about the healthy appetite of the Czech Peeps.

4. Prague
Everyone tells me its the most beautiful city in Europe.

5. That creepy church made out of human bones.


I first saw it when I was a kid on "Ripley's Believe it or not", and its fascinated me since.


That's it, that's all i know. Or knew. Let the age of cooperation begin! Let our two Countries, The Czech Republic, and Los Angeles, live in cultural harmony. At least on the Blogosphere.

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I'm allowing to use my content only with the direct link to the page and my copyright info. So remove the picture or set the link.

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