Monday, December 11, 2006


To begin with, let me give you my review of Apocalypto. Yes, I saw it this weekend, and I thought it was a fine strong film. It reminded me of King Kong. Solid, fun, not deep or Academy Award worthy, but an excellent Sunday afternoon moviegoing experience. So what is up everyone's bum about going to see it? My brother, and some of my friends were all huffy and lame about seeing it. They cited Mel's recent fracas in Malibu, as being their reason and they took a very high moral stand in admonishing me for going at all.

"You couldn't pay me to go", said my morally concrete and absolutist brother. Interesting. When he called afterwads to ask how it was, I asked him if he had seen THE NINTH GATE, or maybe THE PIANIST. He replied "Oh, it's like THAT? Sort of Euro-trashy."

Bam! I slammed him or supporting Paedophiles. How dare he? Disgusting, appaling! How dare he give money directly to someone who would do things to CHILDREN! likewise, I admonished him for seeing DIE ANOTHER DAY, AND THE EDGE. How dare he support Transvestite Hookers?! He might as well, be a John! Appaling! His pathetic reply "If it didn't say MEL GIBSON'S on the title." What a crock! What other recognizable name is even remotley attached to this movie? Who in Kansas would say "Oooh! I want to see that new movie with Morris Birdyellowhead!" I can understand ifn you keep such a high moral code, that you won't bide certain performers because of their behavior (I avoid everything that has the Stank of Paris Hilton), but you can't pick and choose. Paris Hilton is a Unique sort of ho, with no talent or worth. Are you really going to stop watching Seinfeld and Curb Your Enthusiasm? Are you so blinded by your zealotry that you can't see the worth of an artistic attempt? Give me a break.

If you condemn one of Hollywood's eccentrics, then you have to condemn them all equally, you can't go around picking and choosing the incidents that appal you and offend your sense of decency. Consider Britney's "Candid Shots". This is a mother of 2 hanging out with known drug-users, and flashing THE WORLD. Where's the backlash? Where are the outraged talking heads? I am reminded of my father's PETA fueled rant against Sigfried and Roy for keeping tigers. He delivered a weepy soliloquy in his Leather interior Lexus, on our way to a steakhouse, while my mom wore an endagered species coat.

And in case, people think I let things slide.

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Well fucking said.

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