Thursday, June 12, 2008

The most awesome fight i ever heard.

With the asshole Redwings getting their asshole hands on Governor General of Canada Lord Stanley of Preston's Cup, and my beloved Colorado Avalanche finding themselves in a bit of a slump, I find it difficult to even pretend to enjoy Hockey.

However, my nostalgia for the most Canadian of sports has been piqued by THIS AUDIO GEM from the good people at WMFU.

"On April 11 of 1975 during a hotly contested playoff game with the Minnesota Fighting Saints, the WHA record for penalty minutes was established during a bench-clearing brawl. A total of 217 penalty minutes were logged, and the team decided to mark the occasion by releasing a single of Neumeier and Bill Rasmussen calling the action.

Neumeier and Rasmussen are clearly loving every moment of the brawl on the ice. At one point, you'll hear Rasmussen climbing part way out of the booth to get a better view of the fighting going on beneath him. Neumeier cheers on the home team, even as he condemns the cheap shot by Bill Butters that triggered the melee."

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