Monday, January 07, 2008

Go Tell Momma!

In case you were not aware, I have decided to throw my full support behind the campaign of Barack Obama. To that extent I would like to warn my firends and neighbors that the House on Orange will be housing an extra roommate in Feburary.

An Obama staffer will be sleeping on our couch for the duration of the campaign in California.

He or she will feel very welcome no doubt, on our cozy couch.

Furthermore, yours truly will be working in Las Vegas in 2 weeks supporting team Barry during the Nevada Primaries.

I am very serious about the sort of change needed during this election, and I feel Senator Obama is the only one offering it. Join our movement, and enjoy the clip.

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Jason Sares said...

I'd like to help! I've donated money to the campaign but I want to do more. I live in the Southbay (Sunnyvale) and would be happy to go out to Vegas for a weekend.

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