Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Scotland the Brave

Edinburgh has proven to be a city of revelations. Primarily I have been shocked to find out that Haggis is more prevalent than I ever imagined. The thing is, its not a sheep's bladderin gooey grossness like you'd imagine, but rather more like bad thanksgiving stuffing. At a Pub we stopped at for a drink, there were Nachos offered with Ground Beef, Chicken, Or Haggis. Haggis Nachos. Last night was Danielle's Birthday and we rocked the Haggis and the Angus Beef at a traditional Restaurant Named DUBH PRAIS , which I highly reccomend, and this fine morning we hit Edinburgh Castle.

The Castle from afar


The Gates of Edinburgh Castle With Statues of Robert The Bruce and Mel Gibson

Castle Interior

Amazingly enough there are a lot of Kilts being worn in the Scottish capital. I mean, you don't see many sombreros in mexico or lederhosen in Berlin, but here people will wear anything as long as its plaid.

Maybe its just a tourist thing...


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Nate Combs said...

I remember drinking Whiskey Macs with a Scottish WWII vet (he'd stormed the beaches in Normandy), regaling me with incomprehensible tales of Scottish culture and bravery. I did get away from that pub pissed and with a working understanding of Robbie Bairrrrrrrns. Also, buying Haggis from a man at 2am in the foggy stretches of Blackfriars & the Royal Mile was strangely romantic.

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