Monday, April 02, 2007

Ah, the Derry Air

Well, in my political tour of Ireland, I've arrived at the most put upon city on earth. None other than Derry city. The site of the famed "Bloody Sunday" of U2 fame. Of course, there were Murals to be seen, and politics to discuss, so enjoy the photos because tomorrow you get a dose of Edinburgh, right up the kilt.

The Bogside, and the iconic "Free Derry Wall"

The parents of this girl asked the artists to paint a pupae in cocoon on the bottom right of the mural.CIMG1032 With the condition that the butterfly be added only when Peace had been achieved in Derry.

Evidently Peace has arrived.

Well... Mostly
Bu its a far cry from the lunatic Violence this beautiful city has known in the past.


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