Monday, August 22, 2005


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My good friend and mentor HST was scattered in across the mountains of Colorado in a ceremony last Saturday. From a Friend in attendace, the party was a good time for everyone. Long enough after Hunter's first big bang, to allow all the melancholy to sink to the bottom, and allow the happy memories to float to the top.

It gives me pause. This Morning on NPR i was listening to a man who wrote and helps other old people write their obituaries. Remembrance is an interesting thing, and Hunter has no doubt achieved his immortality, but what about the rest of us? I read not long ago about a Pittsburgh man who was such a Steelers fan that he had himself propped up on a recliner with his jersey, for part of the wake.

Personally, I want to be sat in the audience. just propped up on a pew or whatever, as my freinds eulogise me they can see my grinning corpse.

Then, I wany my skull removed and cleaned, and donated to the UNC theater department for use in productions of Hamlet.

I want my ashes scattered on Invesco Field at Mile High, and I want a tombstone in L.A that reads:

"Here Lies Alf LaMont Who Died Heroically While Saving his Family from angry Zulus in the Natal Province

I want that tombstone somwhere with a lot of foot traffic so people get creeped out thinking they are stepping on my grave while in reality my final resting place is in the heels and cleats of those damn Broncos who better win another superbowl before I die.

Just some thoughts.

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moi meme, je voudrais faire de petit spell check de temps an temps

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