Monday, August 01, 2005


As i recall the gist of that movie was that Keanu Reeves died, went to hell for two minutes, and then came back all changed.

I was in hell for about a week, and though I'll skip over the details, let's just say that among the ruins of the last week of July Lies my residence, my vacation, and very nearly friends and job. So i'll spare you all the ghastly details work and friend realted, and move to the sordid affairs of Saturday and Sunday.

I started the Day with the dropping off of Two Metric Tons of Laundry, one ton of Dry cleaning, and donating three elephant's worth to charity.

Then, it was off to Little Tokyo for Lunch and the purchasing of accoutrements for the evening's festivities.

My brother and i ate some Yakitori, bought some headbands, and huffed on over to the paradigm softball game, just in time to heckle some really deserving people.

This is me at the beggining of the evening.

Please note the fact that I am standing. This will not be the case later on.

Drink Score:4

We then prceeded to the beac, where a Karate Kid Party was in progress. Being the coolest guys there, my brother, Ice-man and I had a few drinks, talked to some chicks, scored some digits and continued to the next party.

Drink Score:8

At the next party I pour myself a bourbon on the rocks and eat a few rice crispy treats and a brownie or two,
I recall nothing after that.


It's monday, and I'm still hung over.

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