Friday, August 26, 2005

It's Scientific Fact

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My uncle and my dad often get to arguing when we visit my Right-Wing, Fundamentalist, Evangelical family in Los Gatos (San Jose). My cousins and I understand the futility of these arguments, so the "Kids" stay away from the conversations, but very often my uncle and dad get pretty heated. Ultimately I've learned a few things about how the conservative christian mind works:

1. A fetus is more important than a felon or a foreigner

2. Dinosaurs and man Coexisted, Jonah was Swallowed by a whale that is now extinct

3. Saddam does/did have WMDs and they are buried in the Desert. He and Osama are buddies.

4. Gay people are gay by choice, and can be ungayed through prayer.

5. Hollywood is terrible for poking fun at the midwest in About Schmidt, but is Hillarious for making fun of itself in Sideways.

I think whenever I start hearing our families squabble about extinct mega whales that swallow mythical prophets I'll just break into this song.

It's Scientific Fact


ton pere said...

and we need to do away with zoos and circuses, in reality prisons where animals, our partners on this planet are actually slaves. Emancipation today!

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