Monday, May 23, 2005

Star Wars Geek 101

geektnOh what a severe amount of dorkitude I’m about to embark on. What unmitigated nerdery I’m about to commit. Since the opening of Episode III, I have seen my role as ambassador to the world of ten sided dice and all things fantasy, expanded. You see, it’s not that I’m all that INTO sci-fi. But rather, I’m unable to have a passing interest in things. So if ever I found a comic book intriguing, I immersed myself in the literature, so I could at least enjoy some fluency in Comic Book speak. That being the case, I have now found myself to be fairly fluent in Star Trek, Star Wars, DC Comics (Specializing in Green Lantern , with conversational Batman, and Superman), and Lord of the Rings. I can flash my knowledge on any number of nerd subjects, and keep up with nearly any conversation, without betraying my inherently normal tastes. Star Wars however, holds a special place in my heart for many reasons. Not the slightest of which is the affinity my mentor Joseph Campbell held for the original triology. So when I write essays where I compare the Ramanaya, or the Journey of the Buddha, and Treasure Island to Luke Skywalker
(The Name “Sky Walker” in and of itself alluding to a heavenly disposition) , my friends are bound to ask me-
“What the hell is going on?”
It’s been four years since the last episode. Clone Wars, Sith Lords, Romances, and Jedi are all over the place. Many people who could care less about the politics of the Galactic Senate are still interested in the back-story to episode III. So, for the uninitiated, and probably better looking segment of society I offer the following synopses of the first two films, divided by characters, and a guide of what we KNOW must happen in Episode III, if we take our knowledge of the original triology.


Episode I

Episode II

Things To Look For in Episode III

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