Monday, May 02, 2005

Vegas Magic

Bancroftlanceburton-1So I was in Vegas this weekend and though that desrves a thorough posting, I wanted to comment on the sad state of magic. Sure there's Penn and Teller, and The Amazing Jonathan, who's acts are funny and interesting and exciting. But most of magic nowadays seems to be overrun by Lance Burtons and Ziggy and Roy. Bedazzled, fairies who wear so much makeup that it puts Kabuki actors to shame. With enormous gestures and the now inevitable white tiger and menagerie of endagered creatures, they prance about the stage, and rake in the Dough with the same eight tricks done in fifty variations, as the magicians of times gone by roll over in their graves.

Wow! She can be levitated! Watch as I use this Hoola Hoop to prove it. Wow I can cut her in half and then pull a pheasant out her ass...where did it go? Please step up here bend over, It was in YOUR ass all along! Now i will slice her into five pieces, and feed one of them to my white tiger. I close the door on the cutting chamber, and...PRESTO! She's whole AND holding a Pheasant! Now if you step up here sir, we'll pull a White tiger out of your ass!

You get the picture. So for your Viewing enjoyment I'm posting these beautiful posters from the heyday of Magicians.

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