Monday, November 01, 2004

To our Conservative Friends

In your heart of hearts you know Bush is a miserable failure. From having no plan on what to do in Iraq once he conquered Baghdad to the 380 missing tons of explosives that could be used to kill our brave young men and women, this guy doesn¹t have a clue how to fight and win a war. You should see the mail I¹ve been getting lately from our troops over there. They know how much the Iraqi people hate them. They are sitting ducks anytime they go out on the road. Many believe we are not that far away from a Tet-style offensive inside the Green Zone with hundreds of Americans and Brits killed. Bush refused to go after and capture Osama bin Laden. He fought, every step of the way, the investigation into the 9/11 attacks. Who on earth would oppose such a thing? If 3,000 people died at your place of work and your boss said we don¹t need to find out why or how it happened, he¹d be thrown out on his ear. Bush¹s behavior after this great tragedy alone is reason enough for his removal. You already know that George W. Bush is the farthest thing from a conservative. He¹s a reckless spender who has run up record-breaking deficits and the biggest debt in our history. He believes in having the government pry into everything from your library records to your bedroom. He has hit you with hidden taxes with his tax cuts for the rich. I know many of you don¹t like Bush, but are unsure of Kerry. Give the new guy a chance. He won¹t raise your taxes (unless you are super-rich), he won¹t take your hunting gun away, and he won¹t make you visit France. He risked his life for you many years ago. He¹s asking for the chance to do it again. Scott McConnell at The American Conservative magazine has endorsed him. What more do you need?

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