Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Day After

This is a conversation that I had with my friend the day after the election, about half an hour after Kerry's concession speech.

BenPatrickW: I can't believe I have to take 4 more years of this garbage

GrnLntrnAlf: You don't have to take it

GrnLntrnAlf: We can fight every inch of the wayBen

PatrickW: it is just such a dissapointment

BenPatrickW: we should have a system of checks and balances...what good is it to have Republican's control all 3 branches?

GrnLntrnAlf: It's not

GrnLntrnAlf: Let them wring their own necks.

BenPatrickW: why do you think the pilgrams escaped was to escape this religious bullshit and be free

BenPatrickW: our nation is going right back to the fucking problems of our origin

GrnLntrnAlf: Ben I thought this was our time to finsih it off, you need to understand that the country will need a jolt. This slumber, this distraction, the blindness and self-importance will eventually reap what is deserved. It was Fiorello LaGuardia under pressure of a huge bribery scandal who said to the citizens of New York, "The People will get the government they deserve"

GrnLntrnAlf: As it stands our country in it's ridiculous, blind, rage does not deserve a good man like John Kerry.

GrnLntrnAlf: Keep the faith, fight the fight, and when the time comes for us to step-up and say "I told you so" let's be gracious.

BenPatrickW: I know

BenPatrickW: I just really lost a lot of faith in our nation

GrnLntrnAlf: I did too

GrnLntrnAlf: I feel like a foreigner

BenPatrickW: YES

BenPatrickW: I feel like I don't belong in this country

BenPatrickW: or we need to branch off and start a new nation

GrnLntrnAlf: Something tells me we are not the only ones

BenPatrickW: why waste all this time...we should be disputing issues that we are split on...serious issues

BenPatrickW: not dealing with fucking gay marriage and religious bullshit

GrnLntrnAlf: Ben, you and I know that this country is irresponsible towards it's citizens. There is a growing gap between the poor and rich, there is a health care crisis looming, the world no longer takes us seriously, and sees us as "Dangerous", we have wars we cannot pay for, we haven't enough troops, and our anti-terrorism measures are still harassing innocent citizens and seriously ignoring gaping holes in our security.

GrnLntrnAlf: These are facts. Eventually, the facts catch up with you, no matter how many gay people you manage to prevent from being happy, no matter how many flags you wave, and no matter how many prayers you send upwards.

BenPatrickW: the health care issue is a fucking mess. I was listening to the Sentate Majority leader this morning. He doesn't have a fucking clue how to improve the situation. They are incouraging people to set aside a savings for an emergency. That is a scary concept. We need to have a national healthcare plan.

GrnLntrnAlf: How's your savings acct.?

BenPatrickW: 0

BenPatrickW: yours?

GrnLntrnAlf: Same

GrnLntrnAlf: How do you manage to live on our salary?

BenPatrickW: I'm thinking of pushing drugs...or pimping ho's

GrnLntrnAlf: Seriously though, it's tough isn't it?

BenPatrickW: yes

BenPatrickW: my brother was given a $7000 tax break last year

BenPatrickW: do you think he needs that money?

GrnLntrnAlf: Most of our co-workers receive extra income from family, or trust-funds

BenPatrickW: do you know what he does with that money?

BenPatrickW: he gambles

BenPatrickW: meanwhile...I don't get shit for tax breaks

GrnLntrnAlf: We make more than the minimum wage, and we're not able to cover ourselves for an emergency.

GrnLntrnAlf: Who are the people making up these plans?

GrnLntrnAlf: Have they any idea of what a dishwasher does, makes, and how he lives?

GrnLntrnAlf: What are we going to do about Iran who recently passed overwhelmingly a resolution to continue their nuclear weapons program, to the shous of "Allah is Great, Death to the U.S"?

GrnLntrnAlf: This government will continue to ignore it, and truth be told, it's what this country needs. We need to buckle down and do what we can. Keep our fellow man in mind in our actions, and keep the voice of true moral opposition loud and clear.

BenPatrickW: I seriously don't know what to think anymore

GrnLntrnAlf: Me neither.

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