Monday, November 15, 2004

Creepy North Korean Children

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North Korea is probably the most militarized society in the world. Most of their Currency, artwork, and emtertainment stems from two things: The adulation of their Impish Dictator, or the Destruction of their enemies.

As charming as this family programming is, the North Korean Government has a secret weapon against naysayers in the west. The children of the People's Rpublic of Korea, are propped up by the government as an example of how well the country is doing. Nevermind the Famine, and overwhleming poverty. The performing arts schools of Pyongyang are pumping out creppy little Jon Benets by the handful.
Here are the creepiest ones, thanks to our Japanese Friend RobPongi

The most Bizzare Exercise Video Ever
My Parent's Kiss
Little Girls Bending Themselves
Grapes Of Love
Xylophone Girl

What sort of Lawrence Welk hell this is all coming from is beyond me, but maybe they should spend more time feeding their own than pretending like everything his hunky-dory.

We attacked Saddam under the belief that he was murdering his own people, and preparing WMDs against us. Here is an entire society ruled by a dictator, with a CULTURE of "Death to the US" and a real and obvious Nuclear program. Why do we leave them alone?

Why is North Korea not attacked, but Afghanistan and Iraq who barely have two sticks to rub together are blasted back to the stone age?

Bush: Real Problems - No Solutions.

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Anonymous said...

Creepy??? I found them so cute. What beautiful kids.

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