Monday, November 08, 2004

New Yorker To Angelino

Angelinos is how it's spelled, not Angelenos as certain magazines would have you beleive. People who reside in El Pueblo de Nuestra Señora la Reina de los Angeles de Porciúncula are Angelinos. People who don't understand the nuances of foreign tounges and move here from the midwest thinking they can slaughter language and monikers through ignorant misspellings, they can be Angelenos if they like. So my initial and extremely snotty remarks on my adopted city aside, I have noticed how strangely apologetic Angelinos are about our fair city. Perhaps my latin blood feels a greater affinity for the Spanish heritage of los angeles than the pasty Anglo roots of northern cities, but I beleive Los Angeles to be superior to New York in many ways.

Oh the scoffs from the New Yorkers who adore their cramped lifestyles and unsanitary public transport. Take you embittered and frozen island, and shove it. Seriously, I've had enough of this. Don't get me wrong there's cool stuff there, but nothing cooler than here, and certainly no viable beaches or weather to write home about. People aren't as attractive, the cuisine is a bit heavier, the health stores more sparse. There something like three supermarkets in New York, and people wig out when they see a Target or a Best Buy. So maybe Fast food sucks, but when youre poor it's a lifesaver. And maybe you can run on fumes when youre driving, but you certainly can't get anywhere in NYC without cash for the subway. New York is cool, yeah, maybe as cool as LA, but certainly not cooler. Clubs? We got em. Bars? We Got Em. Museums? We got those things as well, AND we have Celebrities and the beach.

My Friend
Sam just moved here from NY she has lived there all her life, and she will be my ultimate test subject. She is a child of the city to be sure, raised on the false notion that New York has anything to do with the entertainment industry. A talented, and attractive young lady who recently came of a show very dear to my heart, I have no doubt that she is of the right stuff, not only to make an Angelino, but a sucessful working actress. She will be my proof to all my struggling artistic friends of NY that the tanned laid back manner of LA is not only more comfortable, but more profitable. What can I say? I Love LA!

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