Friday, February 08, 2008

The kids these days..

Oh dear friends.

I'm going to lay off the politics for a moment, to bring you a little of what's what in the world of entertainment.

Please enjoy this lovely bit from our new intern Kelly. Kelly is 19 and thought this was the funniest shit she's ever seen.

Admittedly, i was skeptical at first, but the thing is pretty damn funny if you give it a moment.

Away from the girlishness, and back to some politickin' (Did you really think I would TOTALLY lay off?)

Jackie and Dunlap are two good ol' boys from Tennesee who have a hilarious show on YOU TUBE called RED STATE UPDATE. Obviously there is a Liberal slant to it, but its done in such an honest and sincere way, that even Republicans like Ol' Fred Thompson, have been known to call in. Dig this classic, right after the New Hampshire Primaries.

How bout some tunes, eh?
Serge Gainsbourg is the tail end of my French kick, but dig this groovy Reggae(?) tune.

Finally, something a little more mainstream.
You may recognize Yael Naim's music from the new Mac Air commercials, but don't let that turn you off. the Song NEW SOULis wonderful and the video ties it all up.

Tomorrow, I will be heading to THE SHAVE in Beverly Hills, and pending the Vote from the WGA, i will have my strike beard professionally shaven, with my brother there to document the whole ordeal.

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