Monday, December 24, 2007

Health care for all ... (Mexicans)

So I got a spider bite (Yes, again)

As some of you may or may not know, I'm allergic to spider bites, so my tuesday bump had turned into a nasty ampoule with liquid and stuff.

So, we casually ambled over to the Hospital to get treatment.

The room where the doctor saw me was full of interesting and colorful vials

The nurse gave me two shots in the butt, and then escorted me to the operating room which was full of draconian looking equipment.

The Doctor drained the nastiness, cleaned me up, and bandaged the wound. Then he prescribed some anti-inflammatory, antibiotic and fun painkillers.

Afterward, my Grandpa took me to get some Ice cream so i would feel better.


Total waiting time to see the doctor - 10 minutes
Total time spent in hospital - 45 minutes
Total cost of procedure and perscriptions - $58 (Including ice cream)

Don't let them tell you socialized medicine doesn't work!

1 comment:

Vitamin Black said...

And you got ice-cream? My old man would have told me to walk it off. Maybe rub some 'Tussin on it.

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