Friday, December 28, 2007

Blogging in Mexico Day 5 & 6

So day 5 was a horrible oopsie. I forgot my camera/phone. So all the pictures from the incredible and beautiful museum of Anthropology will have to wait. However, day 6 provided a ton of fun pictures from Chapultepec castle. The seat of government for Colonial viceroys from Spain, Mexican emperors, A military academy, Dictators, and now, a museum to be defiled by yours truly, and his three favorite cousins/rugrats.

Mario, Fernando, and Paula (My Cousins) climbing over the symbol of the grasshopper on a mountian, or in the Aztec language "Chapultepec"


Chapultepec Castle


A beautiful ceiling mural of a "Kid Hero" from the military academy who according to tradition, wrapped himself in the flag, and threw himself off the ramparts to avoid the flag's capture by encroaching American forces during the war with the U.S. (Note the American flag on the bottom right hand)


An incredible Mural Depicting the Spanish conquest where an eagle warrior is pierced by a spanish blade as he plunges his spear into the spaniards throat. In other words, the vile merciless Aztecs were conquered by the Vile merciless Spanish.


Some of the spanish Viceroys that ruled over "Nueva Espana" . Yeah, the first guys is an inbred cross-eyed goon.

Santa Ana's (Of Alamo Fame) Wooden Leg


After the castle , we went to a Oaxan Restaurant where my mom fed us all sweetbreads.

Then it was off once more to the plaza of the three cultures where you can see a colonial church that overlooks aztec ruins. under the shadow of Apartment buildings.


It was here that Fernando made a gruesome discovery

By this time, the kids (and I) were getting slap happy, so we headed home as the sun set behind the Angel of Independence.


Jason Sares said...

What camera did you use?

Alf said...

Incredibly, I used my iphone most of the time. The pictures i took at the museum of Anthropology are on an HP, and i'll be posting them soon.

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