Friday, December 28, 2007

Blogging in Mexico Day 7

We left for the Zocalo on a beautiful day

On our way to the Zocalo we stopped at the oldest department store in Mexico, where we caught this cop goofing off

The restaurant inside was Pancho Villa's favorite

The nuns on the street were a good indication that we were going the right way

Though Shrek and Fiona were a bit disconcerting

Finally, we arrived

The cathedral of Mexico City served a dual purpose. Not only as a place of worship, but as a model to the native peoples of the glory that is Christianity, and the Spanish did not disappoint.


And like all good creepy vestiges of medieval Catholicism, they even had relics. Hands, skin and bones of various saints.

As always, a reminder of the dual nature of Mexico's culture is never too far off. These indigenous dancers were outside of the cathedral.

We then hoofed it back to the palace of fine arts (Bellas Artes), where we saw a few paintings by Diego Rivera

However, too much culture can be rough on people from L.A, so we ended our day with Anti-Culture

That's it for Mexico! Tomorrow I'll be back in LA, readying for the primaries, bitching about the strike, finding bizarre stuff on the web, and being my annoying old self... Thank god.

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