Thursday, January 04, 2007

Zombie Insects

Braaaain... Muuust haave insect braaaain....

While rummaging through You Tube I found three fascinatng instances of insect Zombies and/or parasitic control. Though all three are absolutely horrific, I guess the term "Zombie" would only apply to the Parasitic Cordyceps fungus that Sir. David Attenbourough introduces us to since its the only one that can wipe out a colony through mere contact with "THE INFECTED"...Bum Bum BUUUUUM. However, for pure unadultarated Heebie Jeebies, the Cricket with the mind control worm made my skin crawl. Maybe beause it wasn't accompanied by a soothing narration, but that clip was horrific.

Zombie Snail

Leucochloridium paradoxum are a parasitic flatworm that prey on birds.
The worms begin their lives as eggs in bird droppings, and are consumed by snails along vegetation floors. Once consumed, the worms infect the snail's brains, take control of their mind, then "hypnotize" them into climbing just high enough to become bird food - where the cycle repeats.

Zombie Ants

Sir David Attenborough speaks on the amazing Cordyceps fungus that infect insects in the jungle. Each fungus attacks only one species of insect, first by altering their behavior and then... bursts from their bodies to grow and eventually produce another generation of highly infective spores. Aieee!

Zombie Cricket

Gordian worm live inside crickets for long periods, feeding on the cricket's diet. Once fully grown, they inject chemicals into the cricket's brain "brainwashing" it and forcing it to kill itself by jumping into the water. Once in water, the worm wriggles out of the writhing body and swims off in search of a mate. Khaaan!


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john said...

The spam comment above mine is quite humorous in context. It gave me visions of a worldwide cabal of nematode fetishists trolling the Internet for hot worm-in-cricket action.

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