Tuesday, April 04, 2006

Virginity Lost

VirgoI've always thought of Astrology as something I need to put up with. Regardless of how intelligent and interesting a woman is, she will undoubtedly turn the conversation at some point to the queer obsession that so many have of looking to the stars for control and answers. Being someone who is continually confronted by chaos of his own creation and of the universe, I am loathe to put the occurrences of mankind, and the personalities of folk in the stars. Nonehteless, I should be knowledgable or at least have SOMETHING to say about the whole mess, and usually i tell the eerie tale of how capricorns tend to enter my life, and stay for a good while. My brother Christian, my friends Barbra, Amanda, and Cara all have the same eerie birthday (Insert eerie music). But that's the extent of it. Then of course there's MY sign. Virgo.

Look, I'm not a Virgo. I wish i were, but seriously I'm not. Check this out:

Virgo Traits

Modest and shy Ummmm...
Meticulous and reliable uh....
Practical and diligent ok, I'll give them that.
Intelligent and analytical And that.

But seriously, 50% is an "F"

There's more.

On the dark side....

Fussy and a worrier Yes. Ok, they have me there
Overcritical and harsh Guilty.

Perfectionist and conservative HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!

Yeah, Astrology sucks. achart


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