Tuesday, April 11, 2006

A few facts about NED LAMONT:

1. Ned is so cool, american flags follow him wherever he goes. And he acts like it's all normal and stuff. That's cool.

2. Ned knows its important to talk to Nerds, even though he's cooler than them. Ned understands that Nerds are people too.

3. Ned is so cool that all he has to do is Look at a dude and he'll throw his head back and surrender. Joe Leiberman won't even LOOK at Ned.

4. Chicks love Ned, and he's cool with that. He's even cool to old chicks, even though he's not into them.

5. Everyone in Connecticut wants to know how to be cool like Ned, but Ned won't say. THAT'S what makes him so cool.

6. Bubba goes to see Ned when he needs advice about chicks.

7. Hot chicks constantly surround Ned. Even his son is a hot chick.

If you don't vote for Ned, chicks really won't dig you, and you'll probably die alone.

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