Thursday, April 20, 2006

Alfredo LaMont Jr.


Not many of you know this, but my grandad (Alfredo LaMont Jr.) is a very accomplished columnist. He is known for his style, etiquette, and wit.

His column, "Sin Maquillaje" or "Unmasked" has been a staple of Mexico's #1 newspaper (Excelsior)for over 50 years. The column is a Q & A style comun with single sentence question and a single sentence answer.

Here are some examples that I consider classic of my Grandpa.

1. Q: In a common and vulgar conversations, what word is used most often?
A: I daresay the word "Me" is most often heard.

2. Q: What Liquor do you consider indespensable at parties?
A: A High Ball (Whisky and Gingerale) was my immediate answer, but why would you limit yourself to one? Many liquors for many people and fruit juices for the cowards.

3. Q: Is it possible for an astronaut to give birth in space?
A: NASA seems to think so, though they've been unwilling to try.

4. Q: How many divisions are there in the world?
A: 193 Sovereign Nations, 61 Independent Territories,and 6 in dispute.

5. Q: What part of a woman's anatomy is most likely to reveal something about her character?
A: Her mouth,indubitably.

That's my Grandpa!
Any of you who have ever wondered where i get my oft snooty tone can kindly click on the excelsior icon above, and read more of my grandpa's stuff. In spanish.


Anonymous said...


Sounds just like some things you said at AAHS.

CarlosPC said...

Please, tell your grandpa that he is most admired by many in Mexico for his wits.

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