Friday, July 08, 2005

Sin City Brings Blog Notoriety

So I was in Las Vegas for the fourth of July weekend, and despite coming home pennyless and with a severe case of Post-Party depression, my friend Nick and I, who share the distinciton of being the two most clever and arcane assistants in Hollywood, scored blog gold. While skipping down the 200 degree pavement, on our way to the classless, ego-trip known as the Wynn (Where people can see a Lamborghini!!), we were handed one of many call girl cards that help keep the immigrant poulation of Las Vegas employed. One in particular caught Nick's eye.

"I think that's Elisha Cuthbert"

Knowing Elisha From the Thighmaster's Endless Raves, and being a fan myself, i went and picked up the already discarded card. Sure enough, the milky-white mug and pouty lips of one miss Cuthbert appeared with the promise of $47 gratification (Visa and Mastercard accepted). Nick exclaims
"This would be great Defamer material"
I agreed and stored the card in my wallet as Nick did the same.
Nick Submits to defamer and BAM! There it is. Our favorite Blog posts something from our trip. Not two seconds later my other favorite Blogs (Thighs Wide Shut, and Pink is the New Blog) also have comments. Glowing in the light of our victory, i start thinking..I SHOULD HAVE POSTED HERE! And then LINKED to the other blogs so I could get more traffic. Nonetheless, this proves that we are just petty enough, and just strange enough to run with the big dogs. Now If only I weren't so Lazy about posting, and if only Nick got a Blog....Ahem.

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