Monday, July 25, 2005

Aliens on my back

zalienabductionI went and had a bit of hair maintenance done on my back this weekend.

As I walked into the place (Vietnamese?) where the wax ladies are, i saw them recoil in horror.

Rather than the usual one lady attending me, I was led back by two ladies this time, both short and almond eyed. They led me to a back room with a massage table and both of them went to work on my back. As I was sitting there under th clinical glow of flourecent bulbs, a thrid lady came in and began yapping away in Vietnamese? Taiwanese?
As the other two happily ripped hair from my back

I thought to myself, this is exactly what an alien abduction must feel like.

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Anonymous said...

alf that is funny....sure they were not from the old ussr

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