Saturday, June 11, 2005



Ok, I never liked cats. I have two cats that I come in close contact wth, and both are mildly cute, but at the end of the day no freaking way. For starters, they are dirty. There's an inherent toxicity and grossness about cats. Worms, fleas, FIV (Feline HIV) , it's a mess. Then you get the attitude, the claws with the "Cat Scratch Fever". What is that? I had a friend who's own cat BIT her, and she had to be hospitalised from the ensuing infection. I have frinds with scars from the nasty scratches of their animals, who also scrape around in their poop. Why is it not ok to have dog feces or human feces indoors, but t's ok to have cat poop lying in sand. And when is it time to clean the litter box? When it stinks. Awesome. I have always commented on this to the thorough poo-pooing of people who love their cats, but now....aha! I have it!

PROOF at long last that those hacking vicious disease ridden animals are detrimental to your health.

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reetercat said...

Oh kitties!! They are little spirits I tell ya! My cats rule. All the people that hate cats only like mine. So if you ever meet them .. you'll be like, "wow, your cats are different!". Plus, I keep the litter outside. My dog totally stinks more.

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