Friday, April 01, 2005

Peace Out, Pope

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Oh, i can hear your sneers now. Once more the populist, revolutionary, liberal, humanist Alf declares his catholic roots.

Let me give you a wee Papal timeline.

Alf Born in 1976
Karol Wolykstdhtysja Made pope John Paul II in 1978
Visits Mexico and Blesses a baby Alf during his visit

Alf Moves to US in 1980
Pope Shot in 1980
Young Alf not involved, but suspected anyway

Alf Graduates High School in 1995
Pope Visits Colorado in 1995
Alf stays awake all night, and misses half the papal mass. Buys a sweet foam Pope hat, and an awesome pope t-shirt. Also a Vatican Visor. Buys Pope on a rope for dad.

Alf Graduates college in 2000
Pope's health begins to decline
Not related to beer bongs we are told

Alf moves to LA in 2002
Popes health deteriorates to "Twitching stage"

Alf starts a new job, new life, new place.
Pope dying/dies

I've spent my entire life, my youth following this man as the head of my church. Regardless, of how our views differ regarding shagging, abortion, and virtually everything, the Holy Father has guided me through my youth. It's difficult to imagine, but as he enterts immortality, I enter adulthood.
yeah, yeah, creepy and sentimental I know.

Nontheless I'll say a wee prayer tonight.

Peace out JP2

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