Sunday, April 17, 2005

Mea Culpa

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I did something naughty. Something I swore I would never do. I had a friend sleep over, and I put the moves on her. There's a past there, and I felt like it was perfectly reasonable, but I shouldn't have, and now she's pissed. I'm buying flowers tonight, but I feel like such an ass.

It was a minor thing, but it sort of turned it a big thing after the fact.

Stupid hormones.
Stupid me.

There's more . I missed a good friend's big play. To my credit I was @ work till 9 on that day. Still...I suck

Oh yeah one more thing.
I'm supposed to do dishes, and I'm too lazy.

Ok, let's just make this a purging, shall we?
I don't really like Radiohead, or Dave Matthews. Same Jam band, different obsesed lame-ass fans. Sorry.

Sex in the City, Friends, and Will and Grace, might as well be the same sucky show. I could care less. Sorry about that too

I kind of like reading about how trashy Britney Spears is. Have mercy.

I rented The Dreamers, only for the sex scenes. Filthy Filthy!

Monty Python often dissapoints me. I remember it being funnier. Mea Maxima Culpa.

I hate loud music. No, i'm not too old, i never have liked loud music.

I have connived against people in happy relationships, because I have a crush on the girl, and if I can't have her... no one will.

I pick my nose, ears and my teeth in a disgusting manner, and I don't care because it's so gratifying.

Abba has to be one of the best bands ever, and I stop myself from playing it at bars and jukeboxes because it's "Too Gay"

I like football games, I like the Broncos, I hate talking about football. I have memorized statistics simply to be able to hold my own, but don't seriously care.

If someone's pissed at me I usually ignore them untill they get over it. Employers, Parents, and Significant others included.

I'm being a total wuss about getting my tonsils out.

I act like I'm ok with my break-up, but I'm really psychotic and jealous.

I resent people who are motivated and honest.

Guys who sculpt their eyebrows piss me off.

I can't watch people make asses of themselves on TV it stresses me out.

I feel guilty about writing this, but excited someone might read it.

Mea Culpa, Mea Maxima Culpa

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