Monday, April 18, 2005


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I went to a bar and two guys walk in wearing bunny costumes. I'm talking to this girl, and I told her I was unimpressed. She says, "Don't hate."

I explain to her that it's cheating to wear a bunny costume. You don't have to be interesting, you don't have to make conversation, it's all prefabricated.

Hey how you doing?
Oh my gawd you're dressed like a bunny!
So I am, wanna hear about it?

Whereas the rest of us have to actually BE interesting,these guys just went out and bought bunny costumes. It's not like they had them lying around, or were on their way to a Bunny Ball. THAT's interesting.This has the stink of premeditated attention getting.

By the time I finished my argument, I turned to see that she was talking to the bunny guy.

Evil bastards. IS wearing a bunny costume any different than honing your wit? Or Being an original thinker? They all serve the purpose of picking up chicks in bars. The only difference is that a Bunny costume is a lot more transparent, and takes less time to acquire. Have I been wasting my time?

No. Wit and originality are life-skills that can be used in the grocery store, or at restaurants. A Bunny costume has limited uses.

Do I qualify as a hater?

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