Monday, September 01, 2008

Best of DNC

Holy moly! I know a few of you are out there seeking political guidance. We have so much to discuss! So much has happened, but i have to make sure everyone has seen the same things . So before we talk about Barry and Uncle Joe, before we talk about Hillz and Bubba, before we discuss Walnuts and find a nickname for Sarah Palin, lets make sure we saw the same things at the DNC in my home state's capital of DENVER.

Teddy made an appearance, which was awesome.

There was still fear of Party Disunity by PUMA retards as Hillz's speech loomed, and Tweety got into it with one particularly retarded Hilltard.

Then Seabiscuit Said some Stuff.

The Governor of Montana was awesome.

Hillz Rocked the House

As Did Bubba

and Joe

And Finally Barry

Everyone cried, and went home.

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