Tuesday, July 01, 2008


Ok, so we allegedly had a strike deadline today.

Here's a quote from SAG's official statement:

"The Screen Actors Guild Codified Basic and Television Agreements covering television programs and motion pictures expire tonight at midnight. Work will continue and all SAG members should report to work and to audition for new work past the expiration date until further notice from the Guild."

Now here's another quote from the AMPTP:

"Our industry is now in a de facto strike, with film production virtually shut down and television production now seriously threatened. In an effort to put everyone back to work, the AMPTP today presented SAG our final offer - a comprehensive proposal worth more than $250 million in additional compensation to SAG members, with significant economic gains and groundbreaking new media rights for all performers."

Can someone tell me what the hell is going on? How can both sides be so completely unconnected that one claims there's a de facto strike, and the other tells its members to go to work. I know this is all good and fun for SAG and the AMPTP, but some of us would like to sleep at night, knowing we'll have a job in the morning.

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Some Audio Guy said...

I had the chance to interview the national vice president of aftra regarding strikes, amptp, and sag.

You might find it interesting.


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