Tuesday, July 22, 2008

McCain/Jindal 08' : Oh god, YES! YES! YES!

Have i told you about Bobby Jindal?

Rumor along the beltway is that this "Rising Star" of Conservatism, is going to be Walnuts' Veep choice! Now, the reasons as far as I can tell, that Republicans refer to Gov. Jindal as a "Rising Star" are that: A. He's not White and B. He's not old. That's right, he's INDIAN, but Catholic. He's actually Crazy Catholic like Mel Gibson, which is awesome because he performed exorcisms on a poor unsuspecting chick he was dating in Grad School.

Even more awesome is the fact that he's also trying to chop off people's nuts!

For those of us who love to watch the Republicans implode with acts of desperation, the choice of Bobby Jindal is a delicious example of how desperate they are to not seem like the Rich, Old, White, Self-Serving, Hypocritical, War-Mongering, Greedy bastards that they've proven to be. Unfortunately for them, Bobby Jindal is fucking nuts and will be seen as a desperate attempt to "appeal" to "younger generations".

Not realizing of course, that the Campus Crusade kids don't really count as "Young" because they didn't have sex or drink in college.

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