Monday, April 21, 2008

Monday Politick

JOHN STUART MILL: Conservatives are not necessarily stupid, but most stupid people are conservatives.

Yes, yes, berate me for Quoting Mill and Bentham. However, I'd like to twist the words of the great men by pointing out a recurring theme- Republicans are not necessarily violent, bigoted, hateful, morons, but most violent, bigoted, hateful morons are Republicans.

Such was the case with Grand Dragon Dr. Congressman Paultard (Ron Paul) and his imbecile supporters who could not see past his libertarian veneer and into the deeply disturbing and ominously present shadow of neo-Nazi and white power support that he has never repudiated. If a GOP presidential candidate has traces of KKK tendencies, then surely in some backwoods there must be some GOP congressman or candidate who is completely off his rocker and goose-stepping around town in white robes and carrying a cross.

Everyone, meet Tony Zirkle.
Tony is running for Indiana's 2nd congressional district.

Tony offered to speak at ANY event he was invited to, so when he was invited by the National Socialist Party of Chicago (Illinois Nazis) to speak yesterday on the occasion of Hitler's 119th birthday he of COURSE said "Yes, please."

Giving the Indiana state GOP this gem of a photo to explain.

Now, critics may say that we have Farrakahns, and Communists, Atheists, and Pinkos. And hardly any room to complain about their nut jobs. To that I say, yes, we do.

If you are tying the rage of an oppressed people to my party, then I say we are the mouthpiece for that rage and we will channel it.

If you are tying me to Communism which is the goal of an equal distribution wealth amongst all classes to my party, or to social responsibility for our fellow man, then i say it is a noble goal.

If you attach me to the nobility of science and reason over the unscrupulous tactics and fear-mongering of misguided mythologies who prey on our baseness rather than our more noble attributes, then i welcome your accusations.

If you point at my brothers and sisters accusingly and claim their right to happiness as immoral, I will embrace them and scorn you for inflicting your anger and judgement on the undeserving .

You may call it spin, but you cannot hide Racism, Bigotry and Hatred under any veneer of nobility. Which is why Harry Truman, a Democrat spoke the truth when he said "We're right, they're wrong, and we're gonna prove it."

Now, in honor of the Republican congressional candidate's sickening display, I present the following farce to further mock the depths to which that party has sunk.

Now for something less Fascist.
Our awesome Dems appeared on our awesome Colbert show and they were Awesome.
It really makes you miss Edwards, though.

Oh and in case you'd forgotten, John McCain is still a deranged mean old man who will eat every Mexican baby born within our borders. So sayeth the POST.Picture 1

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