Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Flibbidy Floo

I did something kind of crazy today.

I helped an old lady cross the street. I was crossing Wilshire on what may be the cuntiest intersection in LA, Wilshire and Beverly Drive. With Endeavour, Paradigm, Gersh, and a gazillion management and production companies, along with Banks, upscale boutiques, Neiman Marcus, Barneys and all the natural assholes bred by SUV and BMW ownership. You may argue that along this intersection you find some of the most self centered bits of humanity in a town already laden with Sapien-guano. I was at the crosswalk at the intersection of Asshole and Cellphone, and this lady with a cane is less than halfway across when the light began to flash. I walked by her at first, and then i looked around and saw all the botox and Hummers, and made the decision to go back. The light turned green, and i stared down everyone at the intersection and everyone stopped. For a moment, everyone felt like a fucking Norman Rockwell painting in the middle of Beverly Hills. It was nuts! She was thankful and i felt like a friggin hero, and everyone around was geberally pleased. But i wonder, how much and how often do we even notice old old people? Especially here in LA? I mean this town is obsessed by youth. I saw these videos, and instead of getting pissed at the old people, i was kind of agreeing. Am I getting old? Or are kids these days an interesting mixture of retardation and selfishness that we haven't seen before?

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