Monday, July 30, 2007

Tom Snyder 1936-2007

Nothing quite like this anymore, is there?

*** Oh yeah, and also the treacherous Bill Walsh passed away.


Go Broncos.


Anonymous said...

Too bad the author doesn't mention that Ingmar Bergman, a mobilizing member of the modernist film movement in the 1960s, passed away today as well. The Tom Snyder fan would recognize Bergman's work from the signature deep-focus half-lit face in black and white speaking often directly to the camera or to no one in particular (see Mel Brooks spoof).
Bergman worked with cinematographer Sven Nyquist who also passed away this year.

Alf said...

Charming. Anonymous needs his or her own blog so he or she can post Ingmar Bergman clips.
Wanna know something?

Bergman bores me to bits. I can't sit through his movies. I can't pretend to be intrested enough. I know he's important in the scheme of things, but I just can't get into it. That's why I neglected to say anything about it.
Anyone who gives a shit about Bergman, knows he's dead.

You want to post three hours of death walking slowly to a blond woman in a frozen wasteland? Get your own Blog. Who refers to a blogger as an "Author" anyway?

Anonymous said...
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