Sunday, March 25, 2007

The Ancient Book of Myth and War is HERE!


Last night I went to one of the best art openings i've been to in a while. Endlessly better than the Mark Ryden clusterfuck, THE ANCIENT BOOK OF MYTH AND WAR which I blogged about in OCTOBER of last year, is the collective work of PIXAR artists:

Scott Morse

Lou Romano

Don Shank


Nate Wragg

I had to haul my ass all the way to ALHAMBRA where I was extremely pleased with the manner that the Nucleus Gallery had set up the whole shebang. My friend, Jenifer bought an original piece by Scott Morse and I went Zany on the prints, buying four by Scott Morse and Two by Nate Wragg. The ABOMAW is an incredible exhibit, and a worthwhile jaunt to Alhabra. If however you can't seem to make it there, I highly reccomend you order the book on Amazon. It is some astounding artistic evidence that PIXAR is the preeminent source of animation and home to some of the finest artists around.

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