Wednesday, June 21, 2006

21 Deaf Mutes Rock My World

I though this complicated dance routine was neat to watch before i found out that it was performed by 21 deaf-mute performers who had to get in sync with each other purely though sign language. “The 1,000-hand Kwan-yin” is roughly “goddess of mercy” in the Buddhist culture.


Anonymous said...

My Good God. When are you going to write about something that's not only interesting to fans of MindFreak? Midgets, the Pope, More Midgets, Bigfoot at work, angry Bigfoot and a crab getting sucked into a pipe.

mAc said...

Oh, thank god there are 21 of them. For a second I thought those extra cold pills I took on top of the margarita lunch were a really, really bad idea.

Anonymous said...

Just ran across your blog and saw a profile pic of you slamming a Coors Light -- I hope that was a joke. If not, why not just slam a sparkling water instead? Or at least not post a pic of yourself with the worst beer in the world.

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